Second Trimester Update

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant this week and well into the third trimester of my pregnancy! I can’t believe how quickly the last 32 weeks have flown by, but I’m so excited to meet our little babe in 8 weeks. Now that I’ve made it through, I thought it was time for a second trimester update.

    The second trimester was definitely an improvement over the first. I had more energy, less nausea, and just felt more like myself.

    Body Changes

    This trimester I went from being very bloated and looking like I had just gained a bunch of weight to really looking pregnant. My bump has rounded out and my belly button hasn’t popped into an outie, but it’s definitely stretched!

    I was able to continue wearing my non-maternity leggings until about 20 weeks, but I’m pretty much exclusively in maternity pants now. The only non-maternity leggings that still fit are my Aerie Offline leggings, but the waistband on those rolls down when I wear them.

    I’ve also transitioned into wearing mostly nursing/maternity bras these days. Most of my regular bras are fitting pretty tight these days. I’m planning to breastfeed our baby so nursing bras make more sense for me than investing in bigger bras. From everything I’ve read my boobs are going to continue to keep getting bigger and I’ve seen mixed reviews from friends and Google searches about whether or not they’ll go back to their old size once I’m done breastfeeding. I’ve been liking these from Amazon. These from Motherhood Maternity are also really stretchy and great. Definitely refer to the size chart and then order one size up from what you think you need.


    I had almost constant heartburn for most of my second trimester. It didn’t seem to matter what I ate or when, even a glass of water would give me heartburn. I had Tums in every room in the house so they were in easy reach if I needed them.

    I’ve also had a pretty regular stuffy nose. Mostly at night and early in the morning, which unfortunately has resulted in snoring most nights. I tried the nasal strips at night. They did help some, but propping my head up with an extra pillow has seemed to help the most.


    During the second trimester, I’ve had such a sweet tooth! I want all of the cake, cookies, pastries, whatever I can get. I’ve also frequently craved pizza. I’ve always been a big pizza fan, but I’d be eating it 3 times a week now if I could.

    I’ve tried to find healthier alternatives like these banana peanut butter muffins to satisfy my sweet tooth without going overboard.


    I really haven’t been in the mood for healthy food. As a pescatarian, I used to eat a lot of fish and vegetables. Salmon and roasted vegetables was on regular rotation in our house. Now if I make something simple and healthy I have to force myself to eat it.

    Must-Have Items

    I’ve been using Pipette’s belly oil after I get out of the shower in the morning and Palmer’s cocoa butter at night before bed. I know stretch marks are genetic, so I can’t say if it’s actually helping me to not get stretch marks, but the skin on my belly hasn’t felt tight or itchy at all so I do think it’s doing something.

    My husband got me this pillow for my birthday. It does take up a lot of room in our queen bed, but I definitely notice a difference in how my hips feel if I don’t keep it between my knees during the night.

    second trimester update
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