2021 Intention: Consistency

2021 Intention: Consistency

2020 was definitely a weird year, and not at all the year that any of us had planned for. But despite that, I did manage to check a couple of big items off my adulting bucket list. My husband and I closed on our first home in July. Then we found out we were pregnant about a month later. Aside from cooking more because going out to restaurants stopped being an option, I didn’t accomplish any big goals like getting into a fitness routine or starting a successful side business.

As an enneagram type 5 (anyone else?), I tend to have lots of big goals and plans only to move on to the next thing before I follow through on any one thing. I love to dream and plan, but I tend to choose something else before I give any one thing my full effort.

My 2021 intention is consistency. I’m planning to start with smaller goals that help me to create new habits and then build on those instead of dreaming big and letting those ideas go almost as quickly as they come.

Whether it’s starting with one or two workouts a week to help prepare myself for labor and then to get back in shape postpartum or getting into the habit of meal planning and grocery shopping on a certain day of the week.

I’m not putting a lot of pressure on any specific goals for 2021 because who knows what this year will bring. And as a first-time mom, I have no idea what my year will look like after I bring a newborn into this world and our home. So I intend to work on being consistent with small improvements as I see fit and give myself a lot of grace along the way.

Do you prefer New Year’s resolutions and goals or setting a word or intention? Do you have a 2021 intention?

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