No Spend Challenge Update

At the beginning of this month, I decided to start a no-spend challenge. No unnecessary spending.

For the most part, I feel like it was pretty successful. Unfortunately, there were some big necessary expenses like my biannual car insurance payment and an annual vet visit. So while my credit card statement balance doesn’t necessarily

Here’s what I learned from my no-spend challenge this past month:

Unsubscribing from store emails puts shopping out of sight out of mind

As I saw sale emails coming in, I began hitting unsubscribe. When I wasn’t being bombarded via sale emails, I thought less about shopping. I didn’t purchase a single item of clothing/accessories this month.

I already have almost everything I need

My bathroom was already well-stocked with products (though I did replace a cream eye shadow stick that was running low because it’s a color I use daily). My closet is already equipped with all of the staples. I’ve made a few adjustments, but have been doing pretty well sticking with my fall capsule wardrobe. I don’t feel like I missed out on not purchasing anything this month.

There are a few organizational items I could benefit from investing in, like new hangers and a storage system for our pots and pans. I could also use some drawer organizers. But they aren’t an urgent need, and we’ve gotten by well enough without them.

B and I had a friend’s wedding to attend a couple of weeks ago. Usually, this would be cause for a new dress, particularly since this wedding was black tie and I don’t have a ton of formal dresses on hand. But I still had a long dress I had worn to another wedding a couple of years ago so I chose to re-wear that instead of buying something new.

Don’t go grocery shopping hungry

I mean this one is kind of obvious, right? But when you’re trying to stick to your list, being hungry doesn’t help. I definitely threw a few extras into my cart while shopping that while I did eat and enjoy them, weren’t something that I should’ve spent the money on.

The no-spend challenge turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. I’m planning to continue this through the end of the year to focus on saving more money.

What are your best tips for a no-spend challenge?

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