No Spend Month: October

After a very expensive September (all those little last-minute wedding costs add up) and ending the month unemployed, I’m putting myself on a no spend month for October. This means no unnecessary spending.

It’s something that probably most of us need to do, especially before the holidays and sales that come with them sneak up on us in the coming month. It’s time to create a fresh start and keep some money in the bank.

Want to join me?

The Rules

1. No new clothes or shoes.

This is my biggest spending pitfall. I like new things, and I love clothes and shoes. I’m definitely a budget shopper, but small purchases still add up. And there’s no room in my tight budget for that right now.

Instead, I’m going to focus on finding new ways to wear and love what’s already in my closet.

2. No new beauty products unless I run out of something.

And I mean completely out of something. If I run out of the Sun Bum shampoo, I still have a bottle of Suave under the sink or another shampoo in our guest bathroom. I also have a ton of different samples that came with other beauty purchases that can be used to help extend the time until I need to buy something new too.

I’m definitely guilty of buying new products just to try new things. But there’s no reason to spend unnecessary money on that if I don’t really need it. And if it’s not something that isn’t already in my current routine, I probably don’t need it.

3. Gifts are OK

My mom’s birthday is coming up this month. We have a wedding to go to in New York. Some occasions call for a gift.

4. Make dinner at home 6 nights a week.

Eating out can get expensive. While eating out one night a week definitely does fall under unnecessary spending, it’s good to get out of the house and have a weekly date night. And compared to what some weeks look like for us, one night a week is an improvement on our usual spending habits.

Have you ever tried a no spend month? I’m open to any advice that you may have for me.

Want to join in on a no spend month me? What’s one rule that you’d add for yourself?

no spend month

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