One Year in Raleigh

This week marks one year in Raleigh for me. I moved to Raleigh from the DC area. My now-husband moved before me, and I was so ready to accept a new job to finally go back to some normalcy. Being long-distance after living together for three years was tough. And I was bouncing back and forth between my parents’ house and my mother-in-law’s.

A lot has changed since then. I got married in my new home city and left the job that got me down here.

After one year in Raleigh, I can confidently say that I love living here. We’ve found all of our new favorite places. We head to Two Roosters when we’re in the mood for ice cream, Trophy Brewing & Pizza for our favorite pizza in the city, and Morgan Street Food Hall when we can’t agree on what to eat. We love taking visitors to Big Boss for a good beer and Cantina 18 for my favorite black bean nachos.

We’re learning how to get around the city. I don’t rely on Google Maps nearly as often as I did when I first moved. At the very least, I know which direction to start in.

Coming from a bigger city like DC, the pace of life here in Raleigh is so much slower. Not everyone is constantly in a hurry, and I love that slower pace of life. The people are so much nicer. They hold doors open for you and let you into their lane in traffic. It’s definitely been a nice change of pace (literally), and I’ve enjoyed slowing down.

We’ve started making new friends. I made a couple great friends at work, and my husband has as well. We were also both able to reconnect with people who live in Raleigh that we went to college with. And we’re continuing to meet new people and make more friends.

I feel like we’ve found our new home. We love our new home city and we’ve already seen so much growth in the year that we’ve lived here. There’s always something to do, but without all of the things that I hated about living in a bigger city (cost of living, 24/7 traffic, rude people).

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